Community of Pentling

The coat of arms of the community of Pentling bears a reference to the historic past of our community. The red and silver in the escutcheon head symbolise the former Pentling castle, underscored by a golden line, which is a reminder of the very historical Roman highway which crossed our community at the high times of the Roman Empire.

Not to be neglected is also the historically important reference to the monastery of St. Emmeram, which was embedded in the historical community symbol in the form of a silver lily on a black background.

Just as significant as its history is also the location of the communal area of Pentling.

The community area covers a total surface of more than 32 square kilometres. Its high percentage of forests and nature conservation areas adds to the precious recreation factor of our community, which is highlighted by numerous hiking trails, untouched and in their natural state, like the well known Max Schulze path.

Also worth mentioning is the Hoppe Rock monument placed in memory of David Heinrich Hoppe on 14 May 1790 at the banks of the Danube, which was the first nature conservation area in Bavaria.

Besides the convenient location and the natural surroundings of Pentling, it is certainly its far-reaching history that makes it an attraction to all visitors.

Matting, the historically oldest part of town, is situated directly on the shore of the Danube and is the pride and joy of our community.


Here you will find Bavaria’s oldest stone houses, built in the year 1350, with the Knittl-Wolf estate. Also found in Matting is one of the last cable ferries that connects the two shores of the Danube.